Thursday, November 17, 2005


Making voicemails work harder

If you've been in your current job for awhile, chances are you don't even remember what your voicemail recording sounds like. It probably just tells callers that you're not around, and to leave a message.

But with just a couple more seconds of airtime, couldn't your voicemail message say something about your brand, help sell a product, or direct a potential caller somewhere you want them to look anyway?

How about something like:

Hi, this is Matt from HouseValues. I'm currently helping another customer make more money, but please leave me a message so I can help you with your business as well. In the meantime, please visit to learn about one of our exciting new products.

Your caller already knows how to leave a message, so you don't have to waste valuable seconds giving him or her instructions. With the above message, I've communicated a core benefit, let the caller know I want to do the same for him or her, and then directed them to our new Web site while they wait for my return call.

I bet your business has many more underleveraged marketing channels just waiting for optimization.


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