Monday, November 21, 2005


Must blogs be well written?

A recent article in Direct Magazine questions the professionalism of most blogs. It's premise is that most blogs are poorly-written and self-serving. Bob Bly comments in his own blog on the same article, and tends to agree.

I have great respect for Mr. Bly as a marketer and one of the best direct copywriters in the country, but I think he's wrong here. The whole purpose of the blogosphere is for the average everyman to have an outlet for his or her ideas, feelings, musings or commentary. I believe strongly that there are far more people out there with original ideas worth hearing, than there are good writers. Should some bloggers re-read their work, and perhaps make more liberal use of the spell-check? Yes. Would most bloggers be able to make a living as professional writers or journalists? Probably not. But that's not what this medium is all about.

For every mundane blog about someone's pet ferret, there a seldom-read blog out there with breakthrough ideas, waiting to be heard. Five years ago those ideas might have gone unnoticed, or worse - unspoken. Now they're out there.


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