Monday, January 01, 2007


Big goals begin with baby steps

January 1st technically isn't that different than the other 364 days of the year. But psychologically, we all think of today as an opportunity to press the "reset" button in our lives - personal and professional. It's an opportunity to chart a new course, establish new habits, set new patterns of behavior (personal and professional) that will enrich our lives and careers.

Too often, however, New Year's Resolutions are so big and ultimately so daunting that we abandon them before January is over. Now, that doesn't mean big/daunting goals aren't valuable. But to achieve them with greater success, it's important to break them down into manageable chunks, and keep yourself accountable.

Take this blog, for example. It in and of itself is only a small part of a much larger goal I've set for myself - a resolution that at a high level is not entirely manageable or actionable. But I've been able to break that ultimate goal down to specific strategies - this blog being one.

So, I've resolved to be a more consistent blogger. I want to post at least twice a week (a vast improvement from my behavior over the past couple months). To keep myself accountable, I've put a note on my calendar twice a week moving forward to get something up here.

Adding just two posts a week feels manageable, and setting an automatic "reminder" in my calendar twice a week helps keep me accountable. Ultimately, I want to be a far more consistent blogger, but starting back up with just two posts a week is a good first step. Once I've established the patterns and behavior for this first step, the next step (which is closer to my more ambitious goals) is far more manageable and actionable.

Big goals begin with baby steps. Take time this week to set those big goals for yourself, then identify the individual steps to get there.

Happy New Year, and good luck in 2007!


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