Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Making people smile

Most of us are in the business of making our customers happy. Customer happiness is typically defined as satisfaction or success with our products, but we also know that customer happiness can be impacted in a lot of ways - big and small. Customer service, for example, is a HUGE differentiator between companies. Even with equal products, a company with superior customer service will almost always beat out a company with bad service. It's not just about good products, it's also about how you treat your customers - and how you make your customers feel.

Some of that customer happiness can be taught and institutionalized. Some of it can be done through companywide initiatives, marketing campaigns, sales scripts, etc.

More of it, however, can be done in very small ways. The mundane can be made fun. Stressful customer experiences (a travel delay, for example) can be transformed by a company representative that did little more than emphathize and make you smile.

Kathy Sierra does a great job talking about how the little things can go a long way, and how the simple act of making people smile can be a very powerful thing. Definitely worth a read.

Nobody wants to be upset, or frustrated, or stressed out, and simple gestures aren't typically going to erase the cause of this frustration or stress. But the act of making someone smile can make the path to satisfaction far easier to navigate.


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