Sunday, February 04, 2007


The best Super Bowl ads, you'll never see

It cost $2.6 million to buy 30 seconds of air time during the Super Bowl this year. That's a lot of money, and a ton of visibility, for any company. With that kind of cash and eyeballs, decisions aren't just made by agencies and a head of marketing. In many companies, there are a lot of cooks in that ad kitchen.

Every year, we set higher and higher expectations for Super Bowl ads. Every year, we expect Super Sunday to deliver the year's best advertising creative.

And every year, we're disappointed. We talk about ads that were boring, too straight and narrow, too much alike. Where's the out-of-the-box? Where are the crazy ideas? Where's the memorability?

Where's the risk? It's likely on the cutting-room floor.

The agencies, and likely marketing staffs, I'm sure are coming up with a ton of fantastic ideas for Super Bowl ads. But those ad concepts go through a lot of hands, and many rounds of approval.

The result? Mediocre, safe ads.

I bet some of the best ideas from Super Bowl advertisers in the past five years have never been produced, never been aired. If any of those ideas were filmed and produced (but turned down by the clients), they're locked in ad agency vaults never to see the light of day.

That's just my theory...


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