Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The Communicative Power of Video

Dave Evans does a great job today reminding us how powerful video can be to communicate ideas and messages.

Dave focuses on our increasingly-shortened attention spans, and the fact that video can more quickly communicate a lot of information.

But what I particularly love about video is the multi-faceted nature of the message it can convey. In addition to the words spoken in a video, an audience can feel the passion in the speaker's voice, get excited by the cadence and speed of the background music, and be moved by the mix of multi-media visual and audio effects that ultimately lead to a richer experience, and far more effectively-communicated message.

Best of all, today's consumers are drawn to video more than ever before. Videos can be consumed more passively, quickly and efficiently than reading a long article. Put another way, they've become a far more effective way for us to communicate with customers, prospects, colleagues - even family and friends.

Sure, video can be harder to produce than the written word. But the impact on your message efficacy and audience activation can often be worth it.


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