Friday, May 25, 2007


Does PR work?

Of course it does. But the way it works, how to make it work, and the specific impact it can have is not always well understood.

The differences between perceptions and reality in the PR world are the root cause of significant resentment and consternation over PR as a legitimate, business-building channel.

Through Guy Kawasaki's blog, Margie Zable Fisher offers a great list of reasons why PR often doesn't work. Take a read through this list, and you'll see that most reasons have to do with communication beakdowns between client and agency.

A good PR agency's most important job is to make sure their clients understand PR - how it works, how it should be measured, and how to understand whether or not it's been successful.

I've said many times before that PR can be a significant, directly-money-making proposition for every business if they think about it right. But few do.


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