Thursday, May 10, 2007


Marketing as a commodity

Much ado about PR Store.

If I had a marketing or ad agency, I'd be licking my chops right about now, because PR Store just made my job easier.

When your product, service or industry faces commoditization, it presents your biggest opportunity to create and accelerate differentiation.

Cookie-cutter, "retail" marketing offerings may appeal to some. But the mere presence of options like PR Store will make the best marketing consultants, agencies and partners look even smarter and more appealing to companies big and small.

Kudos to the founders of PR Store for a very clever concept, and from early indications also well-executed. The small business support and service opportunity is massive, and PR Store will likely pick up a healthy share of the market.

But there will never be a substitute for creative, individualized thinking to help create remarkable products and services, then successfully bring them to market in a remarkable, profitable way.


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