Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Risk-Free Reading

I buy too many business books. I don't have time to read all of them, and those I do try to read I don't always like. Oftentimes, I find that the premise of the book is what's most important - that what I really needed to learn could have been summarized in two pages, instead of 300.

Other times, I find that the title and premise of a business book doesn't match the content itself. The book fails to deliver what I was expecting, and I spend my hard-earned money on a lemon.

ExecuBooks has the solution to both of these problems. For as little as $99/month, they summarize hundreds of business books into 3-4 page summaries. Fast and easy reading during your commute, before dinner, or even at the gym - available in online, print and PDA formats.

Some of these summaries will tell you everything you needed to know about the book - saving your hours of reading the full-meal deal. Other summaries won't do the book justice, but will let you know whether investing in the book (with both your time and money) is worth it.

ExecuBooks. Highly recommended.


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