Tuesday, October 28, 2008


LOL with Chiquita

Bananas are just bananas, right? Let's say you're the marketing manager for Chiquita. How do you get people to interact with your brand? For a commodity food like bananas, it can be a challenge.

It can also start with nothing more than smarter leverage of an existing resource. Those little stickers on each banana? What if you changed what's printed on it?

My banana this morning, instead of featuring the usual blue, full-sticker Chiquita logo, was bright purple and said "LOL at eatachiquita.com". The different color made the sticker stand out, and the message made it hard not to visit the Web site and interact a bit with the brand.

I'm guessing this campaign cost Chiquita next to nothing to execute (since they're in the habit of printing and affixing stickers on bananas anyway), but I'd love to know what kind of traffic and engagement they're getting from this. Smart stuff.


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