Thursday, May 07, 2009


Same idea, different application

In December, Hyundai introduced a successful program allowing buyers who lose their jobs in the first year of ownership to return their cards with no hard to their credit.

Hyundai may have the "unemployment protection" market cornered for the new car sales market, but if you're in a different market (and most of us are), that same general idea is fair game.

For example:
These three, and countless others, weren't the first to offer unemployed customers a special offer (I'm not even sure Hyundai was the first). But they've taken a great idea and customized it to their business and customers. No reason you can't do the same.

When's the last time you looked outside of your business, your people, and even your industry to find great sales & marketing ideas?

Pick up a trade magazine or visit a trade show in the next couple weeks for an entirely different industry from where you currently work. Check out how those companies market themselves to their customers, and I guarantee you'll find a ton of ideas that can be customized for your specific objectives.


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