Friday, July 31, 2009


What great marketing looks like

My first reaction when reading Andy's post on Klimpton Hotels today was "wow, that's great marketing at work."  Second reaction was, " I'm not sure many marketers would recognize this as marketing to begin with."

How many marketers think marketing is about the Web site, the collateral, the signage, the newsletter, and activities strictly focused on marketing communications?  Marketing is far more than that.  It's the entire experience you give your customers.

Klimpton has done a lot to create great experiences for their customers, with lots of buzz-worthy features.  And as Andy points out, even when they screw up, their response is genuine, transparent and fast.

That's all good marketing.  The unfortunate truth is that not only do many marketers not see this as part of their job, most organizations don't realize the impact on revenue these "operational" experiences have.  The experience and operations is the marketing for service-oriented businesses like Klimpton.


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