Sunday, November 15, 2009


35 reasons to host an event for your business

Constant Contact recently launched event marketing capabilities for their customers, joining companies such as Cvent and EventBrite in making business events easier to organize and promote.

But why host an event in the first place? Here are 35 ideas to steal from, or use as inspiration for a unique event to drive results for your own business.

  1. Product launch
  2. Store opening
  3. Customer training event
  4. Expert guest speaker
  5. How-to workshop
  6. Raise money for a favorite charity
  7. Book signing
  8. Town hall meeting
  9. Focus group
  10. New product preview
  11. Private event for your best customers
  12. Private event for your partners and/or suppliers
  13. Press conference
  14. Anniversary celebration
  15. Birthday celebration
  16. Free sample party
  17. Kids Day
  18. Seniors Night
  19. College Night
  20. Celebrity appearance
  21. BBQ
  22. Cocktail party
  23. Black Friday “early access”
  24. Vendor/supplier fair
  25. Job fair
  26. Networking for neighboring businesses
  27. Group discussion
  28. Memorial
  29. Support group
  30. Book club
  31. Mastermind group
  32. Movie marathon
  33. Concert
  34. CD release party
  35. Expansion or remodel completion

There are dozens of reasons I've left out. What can you add? What additional reasons have you used to host an event that drives more awareness, more customers and more sales for your business?


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