Sunday, November 08, 2009


Traditional media + modern tactics = compelling marketing

Old-school media is far from dead. We’re watching more TV than ever before, and radio continues to be incredibly influential in local markets, especially during drive time.

As an advertising medium, traditional media such as television and radio aren’t quite as influential and powerful as they once were. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make them work.

Davis Law Group in Seattle, for example, wants to engage potential local clients who may need help after an accident or injury. They’re using radio advertising as part of their campaign, in this case specifically targeting auto accident victims, but they’re doing two things in particular very well:

1. The voice-over for many of their spots isn’t a company spokesperson or even the desk-based drive-time news anchor. It’s the helicopter-based traffic guy, literally reading (or recording) the ad from the chopper. Where the message comes from (both the reader and the context) are highly relevant and attention-grabbing.

2. Chris Davis doesn’t just tell people to call him. He offers a free e-book to anyone who visits his site (or microsite, as he’s specifically promoting a site featuring the e-book that’s separate from the firm’s main Web presence). It’s a no-obligation, value-added offer that contextually relevant to his business, and focused on engaging potential clients before they get into that accident.

I’m not sure whether Chris is able to measure better performance for this campaign vs. traditional radio campaigns he may have run in the past (Chris, if you’re reading this, drop us a line and we’ll update this post). But he’s definitely using a traditional channel in a smarter way.


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