Thursday, December 31, 2009


Avoiding failure with marketing plans and New Year's Resolutions

‘Tis the season to be ambitious.  Not just with your New Year’s Resolutions, but also with your new year’s marketing plan.

Many marketers will come to work next Monday having promised to do too much.  It’s not to say those goals aren’t worthwhile, or won’t help the company.  But your eyes might be bigger than your bandwidth, or your ability to focus and execute on so many priorities over the next several months.

We do this with New Year’s Resolutions every year, too.  So how can you ensure you’re not biting off more than you can chew?  These four tips can equally apply to your New Year’s Resolutions and your marketing plan:

Be Realistic:  The list of what could or should be done is always long.  As much as you want to do it all, be realistic about what can get done right now.  Just because you’re not focused on something in January, doesn’t mean it can’t be a priority in the second quarter.  Be realistic as well about the resources you have to get things done.

Be Measurable:  For everything you commit to do, make sure you know how to measure success.  The closer you can measure success back to revenue, the better.  But that’s not always possible.  Still, if you’re going to choose something on your short list of focus areas, make sure you know how to measure success, and make sure your team and your manager know what that is from the get-go.

Be Diligent:  Many New  Year’s Resolutions fade away because there’s little discipline in keeping them top of mind, and keeping them moving.  Schedule regular check-ins, at least with yourself, to gauge progress and next steps on every commitment you’ve made.  Do it with your team or manager to keep yourself even more accountable.

Be Flexible:  The path you envisioned on January 1st to reach your goals won’t always work out.  If you hit roadblocks along the way, be flexible and creative to find new ways to still meet that goal.   The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to find and stick to alternative paths to success.



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