Monday, December 28, 2009


Declaring backlog bankruptcy

I do a reasonable job keeping up with email, but there’s cheating involved.

For several types of emails, I’ve created distribution rules that automatically sort and file said emails into folders separate from my inbox.  For email newsletters I use these rules aggressively. 

Good news in this is that they don’t clutter my inbox (since none of them ever require immediate attention). Bad news is that they do tend to pile up.  As of this morning, I had more than 150 email newsletters awaiting my review.

Notice the past tense.  As of this afternoon, I declared newsletter bankruptcy and deleted everything prior to this week.  Sure, there may have been things in those newsletters I’d find valuable.  But is it worth my time to go back and read all 150?  Probably not.  I’m hedging my bets, but also triaging that against everything else I need to focus on to help my customers and make money for myself.

Where’s your backlog?  Does it make you anxious just to think about it?  It might be a backlog of emails, newsletters, magazines, blog posts to read, or basically any type of information that’s valuable but not critical to your life or business.

Is it time to declare bankruptcy and start from zero?  And would that actually make you not only feel better, but be more productive and get more done?


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