Wednesday, December 02, 2009


The only math you need to make your ideas go viral

Getting your idea to spread like wildfire is simple.  Well, the math is simple.

You simply need a viral coefficient greater than one.  In layman’s terms, for every individual who sees your message, you need it redistributed to more than one additional person (on average).

Let’s say five people see your message.  Three read it and do nothing.  One sends it to two people.  Another sends it to four people.  That’s five readers who redistributed your idea to six people.  That’s six over five, greater than one.

As long as the coefficient is greater than one, your idea spreads.  And spreads.  And spreads.

Knowing this math alone isn’t going to help you create a more viral message.  But as you put new messages into the marketplace, you should be able to measure the economics of their distribution.  How many recipients, how many readers, how many retweets, and so on.

Know your customer, regularly create and publish messages & ideas customized to them, watch the results, do the math.  Watch what’s working, and do a heck of a lot more of it.


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