Thursday, December 10, 2009


Use the Five Minute Rule to get intimidating projects done

We all have big, intimidating projects on our plates that, frankly, are a little scary.  They either feel like a lot of work, or you’re not exactly sure how to tackle them.  So, we hem and haw and avoid them.

I’ve found that a fairly simple trick can help me get more of those projects done.  It takes just five minutes.

When I’m facing a big project or task, I tell myself I’m going to spend five minutes getting it started, and that’s it.  I’m either going to just do five minutes worth of that task, or just spend five minutes planning how to tackle it.

The secret of the Five Minute Rule is that I almost always keep going, blow past the five minutes, and get the task done in far less time than if I would have kept procrastinating.

It’s those five minutes that demonstrate how relatively quickly & easily the task can actually get done.  If you get five minutes of momentum, sometimes that’s all you need to keep going to the finish.  If you use the five minutes to brainstorm, it makes the task far less intimidating and easier to get done right away.

Find something on your list right now and give it five minutes.  Let me know what happens next.



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