Sunday, January 17, 2010


Are you selling or enabling? Adding value beyond the sale

Which way do you sell?

Do you sell what you do? Or do you sell what your customers will do?

Do you sell what your product does? Or do you sell what it's going to do for your customers?

Those are different things, of course.

Do you sell what the product looks like today? Or do you sell what your customer's business will look like after using that product?

Finally, do you sell what you sell and that's all? Or do you also help your customers to be as successful as possible with what you're selling?

Actively teach your customers how to get more value, drive more results, see greater success with your product? Use this approach - which starts well before customers buy - to become not just a seller but a trusted partner to your customers.

It's the essence of solutions-based selling, and it keeps going well after the purchase agreements are complete. This quote from Dunlop Tires CIO Dennis Courtney sums it up well:

“The products that a supplier offers are only a small part of the equation. Generally we could get what we need from several places, so it’s not unique. These suppliers who try to sell the product - who try to show us their stuff is better - are missing the point. What we’re looking for goes beyond the product. We’re looking for business understanding, we’re looking for whether they can adapt to our special needs or whether they can advise and help us. We want their salespeople to add something worthwhile on their own account.”

When you sell, are you adding value before and beyond the sale?


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