Wednesday, January 06, 2010


How to find your customers and prospects on Twitter

A friend asked me this the other day, so I thought it was worth posting my answer here as well.

A good way to do this with prospects or an industry in general is to think about the keywords they would likely include in their Twitter bio. Then use one of a number of Twitter search tools to determine which Twitter users have those keywords in their current bios. It's not exact, but gives you a ballpark.

For example, if you're targeting contractors and home services professionals, search for Twitter users using keywords such as "landscaping", "remodeler", "home stager", and the like. You probably already have a sense for the overall universe of said practitioners in a given market, so this can give you a rough ballpark of prospective customer penetration on Twitter.

Easiest way to do the same with current customers you have is to ask them! If you have customer service reps or account managers, have them ask the question at the end of inbound calls. Ask for it on registration forms for upcoming customer events. Or if you want to be more aggressive, include a pop-up or other request form when they next log in or visit your Web site.

Give some examples of the kind of value-added content you tweet about so they're more driven to sign up. Your customers will want you to follow them too, so they'll be happy to pass along their Twitter account name.


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