Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It's not about social media, it's about community

Before social media, it was still important to engage communities of relevant customers and prospects.  It was still being done by marketers, brands and individuals every day.

Before Facebook and Twitter, people were still getting together to discuss topics they care about.  They were creating & participating in clubs, trade associations, user groups.  They still found a way to congregate, share ideas, make recommendations of products and services to their peers.

Before YouTube and blogging, individuals and organizations still prioritized getting themselves and their ideas in front of large, relevant groups of like-minded people.  They still found ways to dynamically present their ideas in a way that engages primary listeners/recipients, and encouraged them to share the idea with others.

Social media isn’t about the technology and tools.  Social media isn’t new.  It’s all about community.  It’s about engaging that community, becoming a trusted member and contributor.  It’s about using the community to create awareness, leadership and intent.

Your customers and prospects may be on Twitter and Facebook, but they still live and participate in communities in the physical world every day.

If you want to build trust, awareness and engagement, think in terms of community, not technology.


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