Thursday, February 11, 2010


The most powerful networking tool ever invented

You write.  It’s really that simple.

Writing comes more naturally for some, but it’s still the most powerful, most efficient, most leveraged way to build and foster an active professional network.

It’s always been a powerful tool, but access to a wider audience was previously restricted to those either with a printing press, or those who could buy or cajole their way into said publications.

Today we have blogs, email newsletters, comments on other people’s blogs, Twitter and various other channels available to us – not to mention a wider array of online and offline publications always on the lookout for good content.  The writing isn’t any easier, but the platforms and means of discoverability have improved dramatically.

Write something noteworthy today, and it’s around forever.  Write something on a weekly basis for five years, and you have hundreds of breadcrumbs demonstrating your insights, smarts, thought leadership and capabilities all over the Web.

Write on a regular basis and people will start to follow what you have to say.  They might not read every piece, but they’ll get enough to stay engaged, keep you top of mind, and accelerate pass-along of you, your interests and ideas to countless others.

Even if writing isn’t your strong suit, it’s a good habit to get started.  It’ll pay you back for a long, long time.



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