Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Why so serious? Give your marketing a sense of humor

B2B marketers often take themselves too seriously. They forget that, even though we're selling products and services to a business, the buyer is still a person. Your messages are being read by a person. Your sales team is talking to...people (not buildings).

If you lose sight of this, what can result is copy, design and execution that's devoid of emotion, interest and connectivity. And those elements contribute just as much to response and campaign performance as message, offer and channel.

Your prospects like to talk with, work with and buy from people and companies that they like. Those that have a personality, show some humanity, and generally exhibit qualities that they might want to work closely with into the future.

That includes a sense of humor. Don't be afraid to test humor in your marketing, and occasionally include doses of humor consistent with your brand in places unannounced. When customers and prospects "discover" those placements, it'll no doubt drive pass-along, buzz and new interest from others that now see you as more than a faceless, emotionless business.

A company with a personality, a company they want to do business with.


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