Sunday, March 07, 2010


In a sea of things to read, here's what I never miss

Among all of the written sources of information we try to consume on a regular basis, there are those few sources that break through, that we don’t miss.

What are yours?  Here are some of mine:

Blogs:  I subscribe to a few dozen blogs, flipping through most of them via headlines in my RSS Reader, but I always read the latest from Seth Godin, Andy Sernovitz and Jackie Huba.  I also keep up with TechFlash religiously, to make sure I’m up on the latest news in the local tech community.  There’s a similar blog in your market (and in your industry), don’t miss it.

Newsletters:  I have them automatically sorted into a separate “reading” folder in my inbox, and many of them I read periodically.  But every week I read Verne’s Insights for great, cross-functional advice on helping great companies grow faster.

Magazines:  I read Inc Magazine cover-to-cover.  Even if you haven’t owned or started your own business, you can act like an entrepreneur wherever you are.  I also read the Puget Sound Business Journal every week.  It’s easy to assume much of the content isn’t relevant to me, my focus, my industry within this market.  But if I don’t know what’s going on elsewhere, I can’t grow.

Books:  Most books are one-and-done (i.e. you read them, then they collect dust on you bookshelf), but there are a few I go back to again and again.  Books by David Allen, David Meerman Scott, Chris Brogan, Jim Collins and Chip & Dan Heath I find myself referring to again and again for inspiration.

What are yours?  What reading material do you never miss?



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