Thursday, April 29, 2010


Great email response tactic or going too far?

I received this email from Eloqua this morning (click to enlarge for a closer look). I say "great" because I liked the creativity surrounding the way they got me to open and read it. But I'm wondering how effective it would ultimately be at scale, and whether it would do more harm than good.

The concept is essentially a forwarded email that looks like it's coming straight from one person to me. It's simple and brilliant. Adding a "FW:" at the beginning of the usual subject line, then actually forwarding an original email to me with a quick introduction, made the email look personal, and ensured that it explicitly did NOT look like the barrage of spam and one-to-many emails we all get. I'm guessing they got a high open rate on this.

That's why I like it. But I also wonder if, once people realize it's actually part of a mass campaign, if they'd be upset that it looked like something more personal. Would recipients think this is deceiving? Would they think this tactic is disingenuous?

Maybe I'm overthinking it. I'd love to test this. What do you think?


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