Sunday, April 25, 2010


Where will your next marketing ideas come from?

Here’s an idea.

Pick 5-8 people in your organization who are not in sales or marketing.  Invite them to a one-hour meeting later this week, and at the meeting spend 15 minutes each brainstorming on the four questions below.

I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised how creative, innovative and useful their ideas and that time will be.

Bonus points if you hand them a copy of the questions afterward, give them a day or two to think more about it, then reconvene the group for a  follow-up session to discuss additional ideas.

How will you identify and empower your most loyal customers to tell your story, increase positive word-of-mouth and general referrals?

What can employees do to evangelize your brand, and attract both new customers and potential new employees, on and off work hours?

How could you identify, engage and participate in customer communities to build value, trust, credibility and consideration/intent towards your brand?

What simple things can you do to inspire greater retention, renewals or frequency with current customers (without spending additional money)?



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