Thursday, May 20, 2010


Want more traffic from search? Focus on pain & outcomes, not solutions

Many paid and organic search campaigns focus on solution-oriented keywords.  Not only are these typically the most competitive (and highest-priced) keywords, but it also isn’t how your customers think.

The prospective customers who already understand the category and can enumerate the possible solution may search those terms.  But far more of your prospective customers are searching for one of two things:  1) they’re searching based on the pain they’re feeling currently, or 2) they’re searching based on the outcomes they want to achieve.

These are the terms they understand.  This is the world they’ve living in now.  They don’t know your solution, they might not know how to describe it, and they may not even know what is needed to get them from where they are today (pain) to where they want to be (outcome).  This is exactly the entry point you want.

Look at the pain and outcome-related keywords for your category, and I bet you see both more impression volume opportunity as well as less competition (both for paid ads and first-page natural placements).  That’s fertile ground for meeting more prospective customers where they are, creating resonance and value right away, and increasing your click-funnel efficiency.



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