Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Your target buyer may not be the most obvious buyer

If I ran a bath & body shop, I’d probably market hard to men.

I wouldn’t create products for men.  But I’d work hard to get them to come and buy from my shop.  I’d make it super-easy for them to delight their wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters, mothers and other important women in their lives.

I’d launch a wish list that my female customers could fill out and keep on file (both at the store and online) so that men could come in, see what they want, and make an easy selection.  Easy.   Done. 

Men know that the important women in their lives use and want this stuff, but have no idea how to shop for it.  They’re intimidated by the sheer thought of walking into such a store. 

Make it easy for them, demonstrate that you can offer a quick translation and quicker purchase that’s guaranteed to be a winner, and you just made a regular customer.

The most obvious customer for a bath & body shop would be women.  But think about who buys for the buyer.  That segment is typically far less tended, there’s typically far less competition to reach them, and they’re far more likely to engage and respond when you talk to them.



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