Thursday, July 08, 2010


The start of the sales pitch: are you being vague or helpful?

If you're selling a solution, and you get right to explaining exactly what you do at the start of a sales call or marketing message, you're being direct.  You're telling the prospect exactly what you sell and what it does.

Or are you?  You're describing the product or service, but not necessarily the context.  You're making the solution clear, but without knowing or understanding how it'll be used, how it'll be valued, whether it's even needed.

So if you start a prospect conversation by offering outcomes, by generating interest initially not based on what you sell but what you enable, is that being vague?  Or is it even more direct and useful for the prospect?

I don't care about what you're selling unless (or until) I need it.  I don't need it unless it solves a problem, or delivers an outcome I've prioritized.  I don't really want to buy what you're selling.  I want to buy what it unlocks, what it enables.

What I'm selling isn't a secret.  But I don't want to waste your time describing it unless you need the outcome it represents.


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