Friday, October 22, 2010


The importance of origination at work

How much of your day is spent responding?  Reacting?  Doing something based on what someone else has already done, asked for or started?

A certain level of reactive work is required for what most of us do.  We can’t originate and own everything, and often our job is specifically to comment, respond to or participate in something that started somewhere else.

But this is also a slippery slope to false productivity and wasted time.  We can easily fill our days with responses to other people’s emails, fire drills and priorities.  It’s easy to be really busy, but not with things that are important to what we need to actually get done.

The best way to avoid being reactive all day is to have a plan.  Be proactive in advance about what you need to get done, what your objectives are.  Be proactive and disciplined about carving out time to originate ideas, projects, work product.  The definition and format of that original work is different for each of us, but it’s likely the most important work you’ll do today.


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