Friday, February 11, 2011


Three questions all content must answer

I think we all generally understand and accept that content needs to do something. It needs to speak to and influence an intended audience else it's really a waste of everyone's time. This applies to a wide range of content in a variety of formats - Web pages, white papers, blog posts, videos on YouTube, etc.

But it strikes me that, although content can be audience-centric, it's not always complete. Well-designed content is built by answering three questions:

What do I want people to see, hear and/or learn?
What do I want people to think?
What do I want people to do?

Notice the progression of audience understanding and action here: Awareness, interpretation, response.

That doesn't always mean a direct response call to action. But if your audience reads or experiences your content and moves on without any change in perception or behavior, I'd argue something was missing and your content didn't work.


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