Thursday, February 24, 2011


Three tips for creating new marketing collateral

Is it me, or has the term "marketing collateral" become synonymous with "one page PDF"?  This format may feel like a fast and easy way to get the work done and off to your sales counterparts, but does it work?  Are they influencing and engaging your customer in a way that drives consideration and purchase behavior?

Collateral effectiveness isn't about the format alone, but you do want to ensure what you're producing is having an impact.  Here are three recommendations to help keep you on target.

1. Make it about the customer, not you.  This means focusing on customer success stories, usage scenarios, outcomes.  Feature case studies & best practice summaries from existing customers, and before/after statistical examples of what you've enabled.  Help your prospect envision themselves achieving that same success.  This is the kind of collateral that people will read and benefit from.

2. Make it interactive.  Don't just rely on those PDFs.  Would the message be better communicated as a video?  Or Webinar?  Or an interactive ROI calculator?  What format could more effectively deliver your message?

3. Actively retire the old stuff.  Every business I know has a problem with collateral creep.  You make new stuff but keep the old.  What if you created a rule that said every time you create something new, you had to "retire" an older piece that was no longer relevant?  What if you forced yourself to have no more than 4-5 pieces at any given time?  Would it force you to be more focused, more relevant, and possibly generate more updates to keep up with what's working?  And wouldn't that help drive greater value from the collateral anyway?


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