Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The only thing worse than not starting

You should read Do The Work. Tonight. It's short, fast-paced and free on Kindle.

This isn't a treatise on execution. It's about starting and finishing.

Author Steven Pressfield clearly (and at times profanely) outlines why most of us don't accomplish more. His chief antagonist is the Resistance, which resides in all of us and scares us into doing nothing.

The most obvious reason for not getting more done is simply not starting. Procrastination, fear and intimidation can get in the way of initiation. Pressfield's point is simple. Know why, and with what outcome, then just get started on the work in front of you. Don't overengineer. Don't overthink. Just get to work.

Chances are, shortly into execution, you'll not only hone the execution details in real-time but give yourself the momentum to keep going.

But worse than not starting is not finishing. How many projects have you started and not finished? How many plans do you write only to leave the great ideas in PointPoint? How many times has the fear of feedback or audience response or impact kept you from shipping?

I'm fascinated by the growing volume of literature focused on pushing us to not just get more done, but to ship. Ideas are important, but we all have great ideas. Initiation is important too, but unless you finish, unless you ship, all those great ideas and all that great work doesn't really matter.


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