Friday, June 03, 2011


Why the sales team won't follow-up with your leads

A frustrated marketing manager asked me last week how to get her sales team to be better about following up with her leads.

I told her to get better leads.

I was being flip, but that's probably the best answer. It comes down to motivation, and for your sales reps that's about making money.

It's not that the reps don't like you, or don't like following up on leads. It's just that - right or wrong - they've decided that your leads aren't the fastest path for them to make money. They've decided that something else is a better, more efficient use of their time to fill their pipeline.

If they're wrong, and you can prove it, make your case. Use numbers and precedents. Show them the conversion rate of your leads with other reps. Show them that it takes less time to convert your leads into opportunities and sales than whatever they're currently doing.

Your sales reps may not respond to data alone, but if that data leads to them making money, they'll be listening.

Of course, if you can't make that case, you need to get better leads. That could mean nurturing most of those leads until they're actually ready to buy. It could mean giving your reps far fewer leads but far better leads.

But if they see that as a path to making more money, they'll line up behind you and ask for more.


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