Saturday, August 27, 2011


Are you sure you want my business?

I get that the economy isn't great. Demand for products & services in many markets is low. But I'm convinced there's still plenty of business out there for most of us. Unfortunately, even when it's right in front of you, we don't always execute well.

Just in the past two months, I've explicitly expressed interest (buying interest, short-term pipeline closeable business interest) in the following things:

In the case of the home improvement project, we were promised a proposal and estimate and haven't heard anything back. This from a contractor who has done business with us before (and done outstanding work) and who I know isn't happy with his bottom line this year.

For the holiday party, similar situation. Great event last year, it was their business to lose this year. Had a promise of details and an estimate, but no follow up.

I did get a couple copywriters replying to the job post, but replies three weeks after the posting was way too late.

There's business out there. Money is ready to change hands. But you have to want it, be hungry for it, and do the little things to manage and be proactive with your pipeline to close more business.


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