Monday, September 19, 2011


Eight (other) ways your prospects are judging you

It would be great if prospects evaluated your proposal purely on its merits - what it is, what it does, what it could enable or unlock or solve for their business. But none of us work and make decisions that narrowly. We want to have confidence in the business we're buying from, as well as feel good about the individual we're directly working with.

Your prospects are judging you, just as much if not more than they're judging what you're selling. How you come across to them, passively and via online channels that take mere seconds to uncover, is incredibly important. And it's more than just the first Google search.

If you're lucky, prospects find and judge these channels after they're already engaged with you, so you at least have the opportunity to combat or debunk something they didn't like. Unfortunately, you're likely losing a lot more business from prospects who see a warning sign and never call you in the first place.

The following list is far from exhaustive, but is a good place to start in identifying potential weak points in your current public face. Some of these may seem intuitive, but I wouldn't raise them if they weren't still such a big problem for businesses and individual sellers.
What's missing from this list? What warning signs do you often find (online or offline) that turn you away from prospective vendors or partners?


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