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Heinz Marketing Insights - August 2013

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August 2013
Hi Matt,

There must have been something in the water last month, as the volume of poorly-written and badly-executed marketing emails in my inbox was higher than usual. For example, not one but two emails began with, in the first line, an apology for taking up my time. That's literally what they started with.

Follow the link to read an example of one email I received. I chose it as an example to break down and explain where I thought there were, uh, areas for improvement. I've included the full email (replacing company-identifying content to protect the guilty), with footnotes of my comments underneath.

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How to connect with a lead found on social media
Six reasons why your ROI calculator isn't working
Four leadership styles (which one are you?)
Five team-building tips for smart sales managers

In this issue

How to connect with a lead found on social media

The first step of social selling is to find warm leads by listening to buying signals on the social web. Tools like Socedo, HootSuite or Google Alerts can make it easy to find relevant prospects at the exact moment they have a need for your product or service. The next step is to connect with them so you can land the sale. This post will describe strategies and tactics to help you effectively navigate through the second step of social selling.
First, we need to be aware of one of the key differences between traditional selling and social selling. In traditional selling ABC equals "Always Be Closing". In social selling ABC equals "Always Be Connecting."

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Six reasons why your ROI calculator isn't working

Many sales & marketing organizations today have created ROI calculators to help prospects quantify the value of their product or service. And while the concept of an ROI calculator is sound, most get sparingly used by sales professionals in the field, and even then they don't have nearly the impact you expected.

Why is this? I believe it often boils down to one or more of six reasons:

1. It's too complicated
In an effort to make the calculator's results as accurate as possible, most companies make the inputs and calculations far too complicated. If the prospect can't follow your thinking, or understand the intricacies of your math, they'll likely give up and not understand or believe what you're trying to communicate.

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Four leadership styles (which one are you?)

A conductor, a commander, a puppeteer and a shepherd go into a bar…

It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but I actually had a weird dream that started exactly like that. I tried to recall some of it but all I remembered was the beginning. The shepherd was dressed like Moses, the conductor held a baton, the commander wore dusty camouflage and the puppeteer had a marionette-less strings in his hands. I had no other memories of this dream, but since each of these imaginary characters played a leadership role in my professional life at some point, I have special attachment to all of them so I attempted to give them the story I thought they deserve.

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Five team building tips for smart sales managers

You are in charge
Model the behavior you want to see in everything you do: arrive early, be organized, dress professionally, be motivating, listen actively, set action steps, and hold team members accountable. Make sure your team leaves every sales meeting positive and energized.

Coach and manage
Control that impulse to jump in and rescue team members, or give them all the answers. Teach your teams to think, react, and take action. Building healthy funnels is the proof that your teams are self-disciplined and have the intelligence and knowledge to sell.

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