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Heinz Marketing Insights - October 2013

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October 2013

Hi Matt,

Sixteen sessions, 20 minutes each, over the course of two hours.  Now that's fast!  Earlier this month we hosted our first B2B FastTracks, a (clearly) fast-paced but packed afternoon of speakers, panels and sessions to help B2B marketers make sense of social to drive sales pipeline growth, velocity and conversion.

I'm particularly proud of how this event came together, with a ton of great published original content from our speakers check them out here plus all of their presentations now available online click here to view.  I encourage you to spend some time with this, lots of great stuff.   Onward…

  • The six habits of highly successful, fast growth companies
  • How to write a marketing budget your CFO will enthusiastically support
  • Get your marketing automation initiative back on track for 2014
  • "Why aren't my channel partners selling more?!"
In this issue

Six habits of highly successful, fast growing companies
Pull together a list of this year's fastest-growing companies and you'll see a wide variety of industries, leadership styles, go-to-market approaches and organizational structures.

But pull back the top layers that make them different, and you'll likely find a handful of operational, productivity and management habits that make these companies look more alike than you otherwise might think.

These habits are industry-agnostic, and often work whether the company is start-up, early stage or mature.  Look at some of the executives and leadership who perennially are successful across multiple companies and opportunities, and you'll likely find these habits in play as well.

Fulfilling the potential inherent in executing these habits might not be easy, but the habits themselves are surprisingly simple.  Here's a quick summary: Continue Reading Here

How to write a marketing budget your CFO will enthusiastically support
Ah, the fall. Changing weather and leaves. College football. Baseball's postseason. And annual budget time!

If you're on a calendar fiscal year, you know what I'm talking about (and probably wince every time you hear that word). For many companies, annual budgeting is a painful process of back-and-forths, arguments about priorities and endless spreadsheet revisions.

I can't promise these ideas will make all of that go away, but if you want a less painful process this year, my best piece of advice is to build a budget that your CFO will understand and agree with from the get-go.

Here are seven specific best practices to get there.
Continue Reading Here

Get your marketing automation initiative back on track for 2014
Marketing automation initiatives have tremendous potential. However many companies under perform after just a few months of platform usage and there are many reasons for the letdown.  As we approach 2014 now is the time to plan for getting the initiative back on track.

Here are common causes for a marketing automation initiative falling short of expectations:
  • No defined demand generation strategy.
  • Weak leadership and missing executive sponsorship
  • Overselling how quickly marketing automation will deliver results, and missing what the results will be.
Continue Reading Here

Why aren't my channel partners selling more?!
Have you invested substantial time and resource into building a channel partner program and have minimal sales to show for it?

Do you get frustrated by being unable to diagnose what's wrong with your channel strategy?
Does working with the channel seem like a lot of work for very little return?
If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, then I think you will find this article worth reading.

Unfortunately Commonplace

In the B2B software business, there is a very long list of failed channel partnerships going back as far as the 1980s.  Many software makers have invested large amounts of precious time and money in trying to build channel relationships to grow their businesses, only to be disappointed at the dismal business results that followed. Continue Reading Here
Upcoming Events

Webinars and speaking engagements

Nov 5 - Webinar: AAISP/Seattle How to build and run inside sales teams in the digital age
Nov 6 - Webinar: Outbound to the top of the funnel
Nov 7 - San Francisco: Putting your content to work
Nov 14 - Seattle: Seattle Sales Leadership Roudtable
Dec 6 - Seattle: AAISP/Seattle Membership breakfast

We'll be here too!

November 18-21 - San Francisco: Dreamforce

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